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“I have been taking jazz lessons with John for 4 months and am thoroughly enjoying it. I have previously learned classical piano so the jazz style is a big challenge, but John has a great manner and is very encouraging. The hour goes so fast and I have to concentrate very hard but I love it. I would recommend lessons with John to anyone who is looking for a new challenge in music.”



“John’s been teaching my son Tim for the past year and I am very pleased with the progress he has made. The lessons are fun and engaging and Tim is always keen to get on the Piano as soon as we get home. Thank you so much!”



“My New Year’s resolution was to learn the piano. John is patient and encouraging and I am making steady progress. I have no hesitation in recommending John.”



“I’ve been learning the piano with John for about 6 months and have loved every moment of it. His lessons are always varied and give me plenty to work on in my spare time. I would highly recommend John to anyone wanting to learn the piano”.



“John is very patient and explains everything very clearly. Learning the piano is a challenge but I am making good progress through the book. I will be recommending John to my friends and family”.



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