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Swindon Piano Lessons with piano teacher John Wiles DipABRSM

·One-to-one piano tuition in Swindon

·Lessons in classical piano, jazz piano and music theory

·Piano lessons for all ages and abilities

·Parents/guardians welcome during lessons

Swindon Piano Lessons

I am a classically-trained, professional pianist and teacher providing one-to-one piano tuition in Swindon at my home studio in Liden.

Students of all ages and abilities are welcome, from complete beginners wanting to try the piano, to those already studying at more advanced levels who are seeking to build their skills and experience.

I take each student at their own pace through the ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) graded exams in classical piano and/or jazz piano and music theory, including sight-reading.

I also offer tuition in composition for those studying GCSE and A Level music. However, entering exams is purely optional and I am happy to teach children learning just for fun, and to help those more interested in public performance opportunities such as entering the Swindon Music Festival.

The piano is the “King of Instruments” – favoured by many great composers – and brings a range of wider benefits for players, including improved confidence, memory and spatial awareness.

My lessons are relaxed, engaging, reasonably-priced and can be booked to suit busy schedules. I am fully CRB/DBS checked and parents/guardians are welcome during lessons.

“I can highly recommend John, I am a complete beginner and have had lessons for about 6 months now. John is very patient and lets me go at my own pace, he is friendly and engaging, I look forward to lessons even though I’m not destined to be a concert pianist!”


Beginners lessons

For absolute beginners, I can give a relaxed introduction to the piano to gain the skills and confidence needed to progress onto more advanced music.

Classical piano

Do you have a favourite piece of music that you’ve always wanted to play? I can offer lessons in classical piano (including grades) to give you all the skills required to play any piece you desire.

Jazz piano

If you are already a confident classical pianist you might fancy trying your hands at jazz! I can offer tuition in jazz piano to teach you all the skills required to become a jazz performer including improvisation, scale usage and harmony.

Music theory

Music theory is covered to some degree in all practical lessons. However I can also offer dedicated lessons in music theory to help prepare students taking music theory exams.


For those wanting to approach music more creatively or are struggling with their GCSE or A level composition assignment I can assist with the process of writing music for the piano or any other instrumental ensemble.

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