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Frequently Asked Questions

Where in Swindon are you based?

I am based in east Swindon (just 3 miles from old town) near the Swindon sorting office and GWH. Please contact me for a full address.

What piano do I need?

Any acoustic piano is good. The Piano Gallery in Faringdon (11 miles north of Swindon) sell a range of new and used pianos to suit a range of budgets. Alternatively, I’d recommend a digital/electric piano with weighted keys. Holmes Music (in Faringdon Road, Swindon) stock these.

How much do you charge for piano lessons and how long do lessons last?

I charge £16 for a 30-minute lesson or £32 for a 60-minute lesson. I offer 10% discount if you pay in advance for a block of 5 lessons. >>See prices

How regularly should I have piano lessons?

Most students respond well to a weekly 30-minute piano lesson. However, I can also offer 60 minute piano lessons on either a weekly or fortnightly basis to suit some students.

What age can my child start having piano lessons?

I’ve taught students as young as 6 years old, however the best age to start will vary from child to child. If you are unsure whether your child is ready I can offer a trial lesson to assess this.

How do I pay for lessons?

I accept payment for each lesson individually or payment in advance for a block of 5 lessons by bank transfer.

What set up do I need for online piano lessons?

Most students use either a computer or Tablet/Ipad/phone with a front facing camera either propped up on a table or on a music stand. >>See online lessons page

What performing opportunities are there for piano students in Swindon?

Some students may like to enter the Swindon Music Festival to gain performing experience. I am happy to support students with preparing pieces for this.

Can I take my piano grades in Swindon?

Piano exams up to grade 8 are held at the local ABRSM exam centre in Swindon.

>>Any further questions? Please contact me