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Learn jazz piano online with Swindon-based pianist John Wiles 

“I have been taking jazz lessons with John for 4 months and am thoroughly enjoying it. I have previously learned classical piano so the jazz style is a big challenge, but John has a great manner and is very encouraging. The hour goes so fast and I have to concentrate very hard but I love it. I would recommend lessons with John to anyone who is looking for a new challenge in music.”


If you already have some experience playing the piano, you might fancy trying your hands at jazz. Learning jazz piano will give a you fresh approach to the piano covering a range of skills such as improvising and busking chords.  

Although learning jazz piano does not necessarily follow a set process like taking grades, it does require the same dedication and commitment to learning. I will take each student at their own pace through every aspect of jazz, starting from the very basics to more advanced skills.

Although jazz often takes a much more liberal approach to the musical score you must have the ability to read music before studying jazz. At the very least you would need to be able to read a melody line in the treble clef in a variety of keys. Also, although it is not essential, a prior knowledge of basic scales and chords would be helpful before studying jazz.

My own arrangement of the jazz standard ‘Prelude To A Kiss’.

As an established jazz pianist, I believe that there is nothing more rewarding and enjoyable than learning to play jazz. Since studying with the award-winning jazz pianist David Newton, I have gone on to form my own trio and have played in a variety of respected jazz venues in and around Swindon.

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“John’s jazz lessons are interesting and he is always interested in the students progress. He is very knowledgeable and plays beautiful jazz. Skype lessons work very well as John is very clear on his instructions and he makes sure the student understands. Highly recommend jazz lessons with John.”