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Learn the piano online through Skype with John Wiles DipABRSM. 

Online Skype piano lessons is a new service that I have offered since the start of the UK lockdown as a platform to continue music lessons while maintaining social distancing measures. Skype lessons follow the exact same learning process as face to face lessons and have proven to be very successful, not only for existing students but new students learning from scratch. Just like face to face lessons I offer tuition for all ages and abilities in range of subjects including beginner’s lessons, classical piano and jazz piano.  

“I have been studying piano with John Wiles for 2 years. The music lessons are very enjoyable. They are relaxed but very methodical, and everything is covered. I am making steady progress, when I began I already had grade 1 piano, & then got my grade 2 a year ago. I was about to take my grade 3 when lockdown began & so now we are working on grade 4. The lessons are now on Skype which is working well. They are not the same as one to one lessons but do work well. John is a good teacher & musician.”


In my home studio I have two separate cameras set up (one showing my piano from the side and another from a birds eye view) making it easy for you to see what I’m doing when I’m demonstrating and guiding you around the piano.

Swindon Piano Lessons - Online Piano Lessons

From your end, all I need is for you to position your camera so I can see you clearly sitting at the piano without obscuring your hands. Most students get good results from using either a computer or Tablet/Ipad/phone with a front facing camera either propped up on a table or on a music stand. If you don’t have Skype you can download it for free at the following link https://www.skype.com/en/get-skype/

Watch a video about my online Skype piano lessons.

As a passionate musician and teacher, I believe that musical creativity has never been more important. Whatever your musical tastes I can tailor lessons to suit your interests and help make learning fun and relevant to your own goals and objectives. To help aid the learning process for online students I have also created a resources section on this website which includes tutorials for playing scales, arpeggios and other useful information. You can access the resources page by clicking here.

Important information: For students under 18 I ask that connection is made through a parent’s account and that an adult remains present throughout the lesson. Students must always wear appropriate attire and not behave inappropriately, otherwise the call will be terminated and I will communicate the reason by email afterwards. Skype is to be used for lessons only and not for other contact. Any other communication should be done by email and phone. 

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