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Learn classical piano online with Swindon-based teacher John Wiles DipABRSM.

“I’m completely new to learning a musical instrument and as such was a little worried about my ability to take it all in, however John is very patient and understanding. I wondered how lessons over skype would work but they’re brilliantly convenient. John’s set up with the two camera views work really well and I can see him playing clearly. I’d definitely recommend John as a teacher. ”

-Karen F

Do you want to challenge yourself and become a proficient pianist? Learning classical music by the great composers such as Beethoven, Chopin and Rachmaninov will give you the skills required to take on any piece regardless of its difficulty. 

I take each student at their own pace through ABRSM grades 1-8 to get you learning a variety of fun but challenging pieces, ranging from classical and baroque to more modern piano pieces.The ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) is the leading authority on musical assessment, with more than 6,000 candidates, in 93 countries, taking the exams every year. Each grade is designed to progress you further in level of difficulty, as well as give you an all-round better understanding of music. Classical grades also cover essential skills such as playing scales and sight reading.  

However, if you feel that grades aren’t for you then don’t worry. I can still help you to develop as a classical pianist using a range of pieces to suit your level of ability. Also, if you are an absolute beginner I will cover the basics first through a variety of tuition books and exercises before starting grades. 

My performance of the classical piano composition ‘Prelude In C Sharp Minor’ by Rachmaninov.

Having been introduced to music by the great composers from a young age, I have always been very passionate about classical music. I have continued this passion into adulthood winning awards for classical piano performance, as well as completing the ABRSM Diploma in Piano Performance. I believe that classical training is essential to becoming a great pianist, regardless of your preferred style or genre. 

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“John is a talented, encouraging and patient teacher. Our son thoroughly enjoys his piano lessons and is making fantastic progress.”