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“I’ve been learning the piano with John for about 6 months and have loved every moment of it. His lessons are always varied and give me plenty to work on in my spare time. I would highly recommend John to anyone wanting to learn the piano”.


There are no fixed ways to learn piano because every child is different. I believe it is key to work with each student to find which method works best for them.

I offer a range of tuition as follows:

Piano Basics

For those with no previous experience, I can give a gentle introduction to playing the piano without the pressure of exams.

ABRSM classical piano performance Grades 1-8

Many piano students progress through these graded exams, which take them from beginner to an advanced level. I teach the skills required to pass all grades, including performance technique, scales and sight-reading.

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Jazz Piano

For piano players who would like to try their hands at jazz, I can cover the performance of blues, jazz standards and contemporary jazz, as well as improvisation and understanding scale usage and harmony.

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ABRSM music theory Grades 1-5

Musical theory, for some, presents a challenge. I can prepare students for music theory exams up to Grade 5, which they must pass to progress beyond ABRSM Grade 5 in classical piano performance.

Composition support for GCSE and A Level

Students studying GCSE or A Level music must have a practical understanding of composition. I can assist with the process of composition on any instrument, helping with creating ideas, musical form and scoring for solo instruments and ensembles.

Learn piano just for fun!

Not everyone wants to take exams, but I can still help those students to play the piano to a high standard using a range of pieces to suit their interests.

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