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Develop your piano skills post grade 8 with piano teacher John Wiles DipABRSM.

If you already have grade 8 and don’t know what to do next I can help you develop your skills and technique further by learning pieces from the professional concert repertoire.

ABRSM offer diplomas in classical piano performance which involve preparing and performing a recital of professional standard pieces. The diplomas follow on from grade 8 piano and give you the freedom to choose which pieces you learn from a wide and varied repertoire (for example complete Beethoven and Mozart piano sonatas) as well as an own choice piece of a similar level of difficulty. Performance diplomas also include a short quick study (sight reading test) and a Viva Voce where you’ll be asked questions about your recital as well as your programme notes which you will have to write up in advance of the recital and hand to the examiner on the day.

After completing grade 8 myself many years ago, I was keen to expand further on what I’d learned and take on more challenging pieces. Completing the performance diploma has undoubtedly given me the invaluable skills and experience necessary to succeed as a professional musician. 

Excerpts of me performing a range of post grade 8 pieces by Chopin, Beethoven and Brahms

The classical performance diplomas are no doubt a big undertaking for anyone, although very rewarding and worthwhile for anyone who has serious ambitions to work in the music industry. However, if you feel that these performance grades aren’t for you or if you’d like a different challenge then I can offer you lessons in jazz which cover a range of skills including learning how to busk around chords and using scales to improvise over a set of chord progressions.

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“My daughter transferred to John in January 2021 having already achieved grade 8 with a different teacher. John has introduced her to jazz, building on her experience and knowledge enabling her to make good progress. She loves learning jazz, even though she says its like going back to being a beginner again! She enjoys the challenge and a completely different style. Alongside the jazz, John is further developing my daughters classical piano skills and experience. She learns something new every lesson and says that she can see her technique is developing. My daughter likes the methodical clear approach John has when teaching. He is gentle and encouraging with the flexibility to adapt his plans when needed.”